This page is dedicated to Schon guitars (and, of course, other Neal Schon related music gear) and all of you who own it.

Let's say, you own a Schon guitar, just bought a PRS or Les Paul and made custom tune-ups like the one Neal has, or show off your gear, this is the place. Want to know more about Schon guitars, register/check serial numbers, or see others, you come to the right spot!

Currently, this page has following 3 sections;

What is Schon Guitars?: Updated!
Schon Guitars Serial Number Listing: Want to list your Schon? Click here to submit.
Image Gallery: Please send me your image files!

We love receiving images of your Neal Schon related instruments. If you would like to have images posted here, please send me images with a description of the instrument.

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*1: It's an option. If you prefer an anonymous, please specify.

When submitting images via email, please keep a single image to less than 1MB.

If you don't have digital images, please contact me, I will give you the address to send.