ARTICLES (indexes only as of 9/13/01)

Guitar Player (August 2001, P.84) Journeyman Neal Schon by Matt Blackett
Roland/BOSS Supplement (Users Group Vol.2 No.1 1998, No.58 P.20) Fret Buzz: Neal Schon
Guitar Shop (July 1997, Vol.4 No.3, P.10) Nuggets: Secret Journey (Or How Neal Schon Cut The New Journey Album With No Speakers!) by Joe Cefalu
Vintage Guitar Magazine (December 1995, Vol.10 No.3, P.80) Neal Schon The Journey Continues... by Willie G. Moseley: COVER
Guitar Shop (June 1995, Vol.2 No.3, P.14) Amazing Journey An inside look at Neal Schon's career & collection by Joe Cefalu
JAZZIZ (April 1995, Vol.12 No.4, P.16) superstars and candy bars by Ralph Burnett
Guitar (September 1993, P.83) Blues Travellers by John Stix (Part of Paul Rodgers Interview)
Guitar School (July 1992, P.12) Prime Cuts: Neal Schon by Michael Moses
Guitar World (January 1990, P12) Tune Ups: Neal Schon by Joe Chonto
Guitar Player (July 1989, P.13) Intro: Neal Schon's Solo Journey by Pete Prown
Guitar For The Practicing Musician (January 1987, P.42) Chop Talk: Neal Schon & Vivian Campbell by John Stix : COVER
Guitar For The Practicing Musician (April 1984, P.48) Corporate Vacations Supersessions Of The 80s: Neal Schon and Sammy Hagar by John Stix : COVER
Kerrang! (December 29 - January 11 1983, No.58 P.20) Bay Area Muscle... by Laura Canyon: COVER
Guitar Player (July 1982, P.58) Neal Schon's Rock Guitar Journey by Jim Schwarts: COVER
Guitar World (January 1982, P.50) Neal Schon: Rock's Bad Boy Makes Good by Peter Mengaziol : COVER
International Musician And Recording World (January 1981, P.22) Neal Schon Of Journey: The Whiz Kid Comes Of Age by John Stix: COVER
Guitar Player (March 1976, P.18) Two Of Rock's New Guitar Wave by Scott Kutina