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Neal Schon/Journey

  Fillmore in San Francisco, CA  October 26th, 2001
  Bananas At Large in San Rafael, CA October 13th, 2001
  Japan Tour(Click here for the BETTER images!) January 30th - February 7th, 2001
    Astale Hall in Hiroshima (Snap shots) February 7th, 2001
    Shimin Bunka Hall in Shizuoka (Snap shots) February 4th, 2001
    International Forum in Tokyo (Snap shots) January 30th & 31st, 2001
  Silver Legacy City Center Pavilion in Reno, NV (Snap shots) November 11th, 2000

Les Paul and his Trio

  Les Paul 90th Birthday at CES 2005 in Las Vegas, NV January 8th, 2005
  Iridium in NYC, NY October 7th, 2002

All images taken by Naoki Hamajima

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