Beyond The Thunder

Higher Octave Music


1. Big Moon 4:52
2. Bandalero 4:44
3. Cool Breeze 4:53
4. Zanzibar 5:07
5. Send Me An Angel 5:04
6. Boulevard Of Dreams 4:03
7. Espanique 4:26
8. Caribbean Blue 4:35
9. Someone's Watching Over Me / Iguassa Falls (segue) 5:30
10. Deep Forest 2:50
11. Call Of The Wild 5:28
Neal Schon Electric, Acoustic and Synth Guitars
Jonathan Cain Keyboards
Billy Peterson Bass
Tony Saunders Bass on Big Moon, Cool Breeze, and Boulevard Of Dreams
Tommy Bradford Drums
Steve Smith Drums on Bandalero, Zanzibar, Send Me An Angel, Espanique, and Call Of The Wild
Chepito Areas Percussion on Espanique
Michael Carabello Percussion on Bandalero, and Espanique
John "JH" Hernandez Percussion
Neal Schon, Billy Peterson, Jonathan Cain (Deep Forest) - String Arrangements
Co-Produced by: Jonathan Cain & Neal Schon
Executive Producers Matt Marshall & Dan Selene
Recording Studio Wild Horse Studio, Novato, California
Engineering & Mixing Jonathan Cain
Additional Engineering Dale Everingham & Thomas Leukens
Mastering Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME
Creative Direction Stan Slap for Retail Revealed, San Francisco, CA
Art Direction & Design Geoff Gans
Photography Karen Miller
Creative Coordinator Dee Westlund
Product Management Tami Levy
Artist Management Herbie Herbert Management/ Bill Thompson Management, San Francisco, CA
Business Management Carolina Bagnarol
All songs by Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain except; 'Someone's Watching Over Me,' 'Iguassa Falls,' 'Deep Forest' by Neal Schon
(c) 1995 Schon Music (Adm. by Third Force Publishing - ASCAP) / Iron John (Adm. by Bug Music - ASCAP)