Guitar Zeus 2

Channel Mind Radio

Carmine Appice

Polydor 1997


Interlude : Channel Mind Radio
1. Stash
2. Code 19
3. Perfect Day/Interlude
4. Gonna Rain
5. Interlude: In E Major, by J.S. Bach
6. Even Up The Score
7. Out Of Mind/Interlude : "Guitar Zoo"
8. Nothing
9. Trippin' Again
10. Dead Wrong
11. Doin' Fine
12. My Own Advice/Interlude : Channel Mind Radio
13. Where You Belong
14. "GZ Blues"

Neal Schon Guitar Solo on "Out Of Mind."
Carmine Appice Drums, Percussion, and Backing Vocals
Kelly Keeling Vocals, Guitars, Piano, and Mellotron
Tony Franklin Fretless Bass
Paul Gilbert Guitars
Warren Demartini Guitars
Steve Salas Guitars
Zakk Wilde Guitars
Richie Sambora Guitars
Ted Nugent Guitars
Ty Tabor Guitars
John Norum Guitars
Dweezil Zappa Guitars
Vivian Campbell Guitars
Kenji Kitajima Guitars
Seymour Duncan Guitars
Steven Seagal Guitars
13 & 14 : Bonus Track for Japan