Guitar Zeus

Carmine Appice

Apollon 1995


1. Dislocated
2. This Time Around
3. Safe
4. 4 Miles High
5. So Long
6. Nobody (Black White House)
7. Guitar Zeus Part I
8. Killing Time
9. Where You Belong
10. Days Are Nights
11. Time To Set Alarms
12. Under The Moon & Sun
13. Guitar Zeus Part II

Neal Schon Guitar Solo on "Safe."
Carmine Appice Drums, Percussion, and Backing Vocals
Kelly Keeling Vocals, Guitars, Piano, and Mellotron
Tony Franklin Fretless Bass
Paul Gilbert Guitars
Yngwie Malmsteen Guitars
Steve Morse Guitars
Doug Aldrich Guitars
Brian May Guitars
Jennifer Batten Guitars
Ty Tabor Guitars
Slash Guitars
Ted Nugent Guitars
Elliot Easton Guitars
Mick Mars Guitars
Leslie West Guitars