Neal always keeps himself active on writing new materials and enjoying various projects. When the current tour is finished, Neal plans to go back to his studio and finish recording few materials for the upcoming Journey album and also tour with his brand new band, SoulSirkUS.

Neal once had a super group project with Sammy Hagar, called, PlanetUS but they had to be disbanded due to Hagar's return to Van Halen. In January of 2004, Neal had a session with a vocalist, Jeff Scott Soto, for Gibson Guitars at the Winter NAMM show in Los Angeles. It was a twist of fate... Neal took the idea of PlanetUS project and even made it bigger and better to form SoulSirkUS with Jeff Scott Soto (Vocals), Marco Mendoza (Bass), and Deen Castronovo (Drums). By December of 2004, we'll have their debut album, called, "World Play". You can listen to some samples at!

Neal also made few guest appearance for Jeff Scott Soto's Lost in the Translation and Believe In Me, Jack Blades, and Over the Edge, TriChromes projects for the last few years.

And before the 2001 Journey tour, Neal finished his TWO solo projects. One is "Voice," which was released on July, 2001 from Higher Octave lable and the other one, tentativly called, is "I On U." There is a rumor that Steve Vai's label, FavoredNation, may release "I On U." So keep our fingers cross...

July 1999, Neal's solo album, called, "Piranha Blues" was released from Shrapnel Records. The name describes itself, "Piranha Blues" is a blues album that Neal has talked about and wanted to record for a long time. "Piranha Blues" demonstrates Neal's blues influence, the roots, from Cream, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. The "Piranha Players" are, Richard Martin Ross (vocals), Prairie Prince (Drums), Ross Valory (Bass), and Neal Schon (Guitars).

Neal released 2 instrumental albums, "Electric World" in July 15th, 1997 and "Beyond the Thunder" in Spring of 1995 for Higher Octave Music. And he has another solo album on Columbia Records released in Spring of 1989, called, "Late Nite," featuring his friends such as, Gregg Rolie, Jonathan Cain, Steve Smith, and Sheryl Crow.

In addition to his brilliant solo career, Neal Schon is one of the original member and the founder of Journey. Journey released their first EP album, "Red13" on 2002 and "Arrival" in April of 2001. For the last few years, Journey has released a couple of DVDs, Essential Package, "Greatest Hits -Live-" in March of 1998, and "Trial By Fire," the first original record in 10 years in October of 1996. The group has released 13 original albums, 3 best albums, 2 live, 1 sound track album, and 1 box set in the US spanning over 2 decades.

Prior to his success with Journey, Neal first gained notoriety in his career with Santana in the early 70s. The band released two studio albums, such as, "Santana III" and "Caravanserai". Neal has also contributed his guitar workmanship on various projects with other musicians, such as, Schon & Hammar, HSAS, Bad English, Hardline, Abraxas Pool, Michael Bolton, Jimmy Barnes, Paul Rodgers and many more!