Journey will release the first DVD, entitled "Journey 2001" on December 18. The DVD contains live concert footage from Journey's show at the Mandalay Bay Event Center, Las Vegas, NV., which was filmed on December 30th 2000. Journey 2001 will also be released in VHS Format. Running time: 106 Minutes.
Joined Bill Kreutzmann's new band, the TriChromes and performed at the Fillmore (San Francisco, CA) and the band has been working on the first album, due early 2002
With his son, Miles, played together for a event held by Bananas At Large
Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Paul Rodgers, NightRanger and other classic-rock luminaries performed two shows (Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX) in October for Volunteers For America to raise money for rescue workers and the families of those killed during the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon
Journey released 2CDs best album, "The Essential Journey" on October 16th
Released "Voice" on July 31st
Journey toured with John Waite and Peter Frampton for 3 months in the US
Journey visited Japan and performed 7 shows
Journey released long waited "Arrival" in the U.S. on April 3rd


Journey performed 2 shows with REO Speedwagon on December 30th (Las Vegas, NV) and 31st (Phoenix, AZ)
Journey performed at Reno, CA
Journey released "Arrival" featuring Steve Augeri and Deen Castronovo in Japan on October 25th


Journey toured with Foreigner for 3 months in the U.S.
Released "Piranha Blues" on July 27th


Journey toured for 3 months in the U.S.
Journey performed in Japan
Journey released "Greatest Hits Live" on March 24th
Journey performed one secret gig at Marin Auditorium, San Rafael, CA on June 9th
Journey decided to move forward with a new lead vocalist, Steve Augeri and a new drummer, Deen Castronovo


Released "Electric World," which contains 21 songs on 2CDs on July 15th
Abraxas Pool released the self titled album, "Abraxas Pool" on March 25th


Headed to his studio for his 2nd solo album
Journey released 1st album in 10 years, "Trial By Fire" on October 22nd
The Band, Abraxas, was renamed as Abraxas Pool in order to avoid conflict with Santana

1995 - 94

Neal, S.Perry and J.Cain started to talk about getting Journey back together
Released his first full instrumental album, "Beyond the Thunder" on May 30th 1995
Neal, G.Rolie, and M.Shrieve formed Abraxas, toured cities in CA, and started recording songs for the first album


Toured with Paul Rodgers
Paul Rodgers released "The Hendrix Set" with Neal
Paul Rodgers released "Muddy Water Blues"


Journey (w/o Perry) reunited & played at the Herbie Herbert Roaster at Bimbo's 365, San Francisco, CA
Journey released 3 CDs box set, "Time3"
Hardline released "Double Eclipse" on April 28th


Journey released "The Ballade" in Japan
Journey (Neal, Steve Perry & Jon Cain) played for the Bill Graham tribute concert at the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA on November 3rd
Joined Blunette and renamed it as Hardline
Bad English released second album, "Backlash" on August 27th
Started to produce album for a LA local band, Blunette
Quit Bad English


Toured with Bad English


Bad English released the self titled album, "Bad English" on June 27th
Released his first solo, "Late Nite" on April 11th
Joined Bad English


Journey released "The Greatest Hits" in October
Played the guitars for Jimmy Barns' solo album, "Freight Train Heart" with Jonathan Cain


Played the guitars for Michael Bolton's second solo album, "The Hunger" with Jonathan Cain
Journey disbanded
The "Raised on Radio" tour ended in January


Journey started tour in the US
Journey released "Raised on Radio" in May
Started his own guitar company, Schon Guitars
Joined and released "Here 'N' Aid"


Released "Through the Fire" with HSAS
Formed a new band HSAS with Sammy Hagar and toured for a couple of shows


Released "Here to Stay" with Jan Hammer
Journey released "Frontiers" in February


Released "Untold Passion" with Jan Hammer


Journey released "Escape" in August
Journey released "Captured" in February


Gregg Rolie quit the band
Journey released "Dream After Dream" in Japan (Later released in the U.S.) in April
Journey released "Departure" in March
Journey released "In the Beginning" in January


Journey released "Evolution" in April


Journey released "Infinity" in January


Steve Perry replaced Fleischman and joined the band as a new vocalist
Herbie brought a new vocalist, Robert Fleischman for Journey
Journey released "Next" in January


Journey released "Look into the Future" in January


Journey released the first album, "Journey" in April 1975


Journey performed as a headliner at the Crater Festival in Hawaii on January 0


Journey debut at Winterland on December 31st
The band the Golden Gate Rhythm Section was renamed as Journey
The band, Happy Birthday was renamed as the Golden Gate Rhythm Section
Formed a band, Happy Birthday
Herbie Herbert started to look around people to form the band for Neal


Santana released "Caravanserai" in November
Santana released "Live" in October
Quit Santana
Santana started to record "Caravanserai"
Santana performed at the Crater Festival in Hawaii with Buddy Miles in January 0 (Later, released as "Live")


Santana released "Santana III" in October
Santana performed at the final show of the Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA on July 4th 1971 (Later, released as "Fillmore: The Last day" in 1972)

1969 - 70

"Officially" joined Santana
Santana also asked Neal to join the band next day of Clapton's proposal
Clapton asked Neal to join his band
Played with Clapton (Derek and Dominos) at Berkeley Community Theatre on November 19
Met Eric Clapton at the recording studio on November 18
Santana released "Abraxas" in October 1970
Started to hung around with Santana and his band
Became a friend of Gregg Rolie and Michael Shrieve
Formed a band, Old Davis
Started to play in local rock clubs in the Bay Area
Formed a band, Mind Inventory
Played in the school band
Attended Aragon High School in San Mateo

1954 - 68

Formed his first band, Crime Stompers
Started to play the guitar
Started to play the oboe and clarinet while he was in junior high school
The Schon moved to San Mateo, CA.
Has been exposed to Jazz because of his parents
The Schon moved to New Jersey


February 27th, born at Tinker Air Force Base in Midland City, OK as the only child of Mattew and Barbara Schon

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